The Haiti Development Initiative (IDA) salutes the admirable initiative taken by the people of Haiti’s Northeast Department in building the canal on the Massacre River. ln order to provide irrigation of the Maribaroux plain, opening the door for agricultural growth in the area. The Haitian people’s readiness to take charge of their destiny and utilize their resources effectively for development is demonstrated by this citizen mobilization, according to IDA. The group urges state officials, members of civil society, and business leaders to show leadership, patriotism, and vision in implementing large-scale initiatives that will help the nation escape its lingering economic crisis.

The IDA additionally promotes the expansion of these initiatives to all departments around the nation by carrying out cleaning tasks and building irrigation canals where necessary. The goal is to increase domestic production, ensure food security, and boost national sovereignty.

The IDA reiterates its demand for national unity in the face of Haiti’s multifaceted challenge. A coordinated and ethical approach is needed to address this problem, which affects food, health, and social insecurity. In this regard, IDA implores all parties to set aside their disagreements and cooperate in order to address these urgent humanitarian issues.

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