As the days go by, Luis Abinader’s crew keeps up its employment of every trick in the book to regulate the water flow of a river that flows through both nations.
The government plans to put three (3) diesel pumps on the Massacre River following the reopening of the “La Vigia” canal.
The capacity of these pumps, which are situated above the Haitian Canal, is 6,000, 3,000, and 6,500 gallons of water per hour, respectively.
Homero Figueroa, the Dominican Presidency’s spokesperson, explained the functioning of this activity on his social networks and stated that it was equivalent to one cubic meter of water each second.
According to the publication Listin Diario, the La Vigia canal is “the Dominican government’s temporary response to the construction of the irrigation canal built by the Haitians.” According to Mr. Figueroa, “La Viga’s reactivation aims to save the flow of the river, guarantee water for Dominican agricultural producers, and preserve the wetlands of the Saladillo Lagoon.”

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