September 29, 2023, Port-au-Prince.Because Me Pierre-Louis is now the new president of Port-au-Prince for the ensuing two years, this election represents a crucial turning point for the legal industry in Haiti. So, he succeeds Me Marie Suzy Legros, who has held the role ever since the awful assassination of President Monferrier Dorval.
A seasoned attorney known for his skill and dedication to justice, I, Patrick Pierre-Louis, am Patrick Pierre-Louis. His success illustrates the faith Port-au-Prince attorneys have in his abilities to uphold their rights and advance morality and adherence to the rules of the profession.

In order to ensure a fair and democratic process, the election was conducted in accordance with the laws and regulations in effect. Lawyers were allowed to exercise their right to vote and to support the candidate they thought would be most equipped to represent their interests and safeguard the legal profession in the capital.

Me Patrick Pierre-Louis, the new president of Port-au-Prince, will have a demanding job. He will need to focus on enhancing the relationship between attorneys and the judiciary, promoting equal access to justice for all people, and defending the independence and integrity of the legal profession.

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