The ruling concerning the investigation into Jovenel Moïse’s assassination was issued by investigating judge Walther Wesser Voltaire. The magistrate, among other names, sent Martine Moïse, Claude Joseph, Léon Charles, Jeantel Joseph, and Rénald Lubérice to the criminal court for trial in this 122-page document…

February 19, 2024, Port-au-Prince. – This assassination targets the widow of Jovenel Moïse as well as a few of his accomplices.

In fact, Judge Walther Wesser Voltaire, who oversaw the inquiry into this magnicide, stated that there were substantial and consistent charges to support the involvement of the following people in the assassination:

Among them were Martine Moïse, Dr. Claude Joseph, Jeantel Joseph, Léon Charles, Rénald Lubérice, Ardouin Zéphirin, Louis Edner Gonzague Day, Jean Laguel Civil, and Dimitri Hérard.

Each of the characters had some connection to the state leader who was slain. In this instance, justice must be served to them.

The charges against these individuals included murder, assassination conspiracy, and armed robbery. Thus, if they are not already in the Port-au-Prince civil prison, the judge directs that they be transported there by body and placed there. Concurrently, Walther Wesser Voltaire commanded the upkeep of the seals attached to the doors of the former President of the Republic’s private dwelling.

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