In the presence of Rosemond Pradel, Minister of Public Works, Transport, and Communications, Jose Jean-Baptiste, Director General of CONATEL, and representatives from international organizations on September 27, 2023, Prime Minister Ariel Henry took part in the 54th anniversary celebration of the National Telecommunications Council (CONATEL).

Conatel’s duty as arbiter was stressed by Prime Minister Henry during his intervention: “Conatel must legitimately play its role as arbitrator with regard to the imbalance which could hamper the market pricing, taking into account takes into account the poor quality of service that users experience.

The Prime Minister also praised the fact that the government no longer pays team leaders with cash but instead prefers to use electronic funds transfers to distribute money to social program recipients directly.

a technological advancement that, in Henry’s words, “makes it possible to remove corruption, facilitate accountability, and ensure that it is indeed the poorest who gain from the efforts of the State.

The Conatel General Director, Mr. Jose Jean Baptiste, emphasized the outstanding accomplishments of this institution in the past as this celebration came to a close. He took great delight in his role in the modernisation and technological development of Haiti’s telecommunications industry. During this time, he also evaluated Conatel’s many projects, including the Haiti digital acceleration project, electronic signature, and cyber security. With the assistance of the government, the director general is certain that he can connect Haiti to internet and incorporate the digital economy.

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