On Thursday, April 13, during a press conference at his official residence. Participating at this launch were several government officials who will be responsible for carrying out the program's requirements. 

The International Monetary Fund, which will fund 75% of this program's anticipated 21 billion 600 million gourdes overall cost, helped start it.
The IMF will contribute an envelope worth 15 billion 600 million gourdes, and the Haitian government will chip in 6 billion gourdes. 

According to the president of government, who wants assurances that the program would reach the most needy population, the government uses the map created by the National Food Security Coordination (CNSA), which collects data on food insecurity. same that it will be done out in total openness.
The MAST will play a role of coordination in the implementation of the program, which will be done in two components, according to the holder of the ministry, Mr. Odney Pierre Ricot. The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor will be the contracting authority within the framework of the implementation of the various projects of this program. The first part consists of financial transfers, feeding neighborhood restaurants, distributing dry meals, providing targeted subsidies for public transportation drivers, supporting workers, and providing assistance to 5,000 school parents. 

The government intends to provide financial support for the industry in order to increase the resilience of small firms. The second is about producing labor-intensive works, According to Mr. Ricot, small enterprises under unstable economic conditions will be supported and funded by the Ministry of Commerce. 

To establish HIMO jobs, the Ministries of Public Works and Agriculture will collaborate. The social will be impacted by the FAES and the Ministry of Education. He emphasized that there would be two stages to the process of identifying potential 

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, which maintains a registration of more than 700,000 families, will provide the government with current data that it plans to use. In addition, the government will use records from other industries to determine who the real beneficiaries are.

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