In a letter dated April 14, 2023, the Port-au-Prince Archdiocese’s Office of the Communication Service expresses its outrage at an armed robbery that occurred after the Archbishop of Port-au-Prince said mass at Saint Charbel’s Oratory.

Note from the Archdiocese “On Thursday, April 13, 2023, in the afternoon, after a Mass officiated by the archbishop of Port-au-Prince at the Oratory of Saint Charbel, individuals who were armed and well-dressed committed an abduction inside the building that left the faithful and everyone in astonishment. The thieves not only destroyed the entrance gate to the Oratory’s courtyard as they fled,

The integrity of a house of worship, which is a hallowed location, as well as the freedom of movement and circulation of people in the nation are both compromised by this kidnapping, which is one too many. The Port-au-Prince Archdiocese once more expresses its outrage at such atrocities that spare no one and respect no place;

In this way, it calls for the State’s authorities to guarantee the safety of people and property by bringing charges against and convicting those who run the kidnapping business and benefit from it.

(See Lv. 25, 39.42) God desires for his children to be free and not to be subjected to oppression or treated as slaves. He is his people’s helper. May he accept us, bless us, and deliver us.

On April 14, 2023, a Friday, the tenth day before Easter.

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