Police in Gonaves confiscated Junior Barthélémy alias Aboul’s collar from a hotel on the way to Biennac yesterday, Sunday, May 14, 2023. The latter is charged with multiple offenses while being identified as a close friend of former senator Youri Latortue. Assassinations, courtroom fires, associations with criminals, and Marie des Gonaves are a few examples.

According to pictures that have gone popular on social media, the alleged bandit is shown next to the former lawmaker. Others show him flaunting his collection of powerful weapons. Be aware that Paulette Latortue, the sister of former Senate President Youri Latortue, was recently detained on suspicion of having ties to the “kokorat san ras” gang active in Kafou Périsse. The fact that Youri Latortue was sanctioned by the international community for, among other things, financing armed groups through the sale of influence, should also be emphasized.

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