Two (2) accused bandits were killed and a number of people were injured during an operation by the Haitian National Police on Saturday, May 13, 2023. An announcement of the information and the seizure of two personal watercraft was made in a message from the Press and Public Relations Unit (CPRP/PNH).

The “Bwa Kale” movement is peacefully making its way across the nation, but the police institution is still stepping up its operations. While specialized units are dispatched to evict the “5 segond” gang operating in Village de Dieu, the situation is nearly identical in the other 10 departments. Evidently, the battle against armed bandits has been declared permanent throughout the metropolitan area.

As a result, on Saturday, May 13, 2023, PNH agents descended on the Carriès village, which is situated on National Number 2 between the communities of “Ti Source” and “Roseaux,” where two alleged bandits were killed and a number of others were hurt during an operation. Two jet skis and a boat motor were also seized, according to the Press and Public Relations Unit of the National Police of Haiti, which released the news.

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