This Monday, March 27, 2023, in the presence of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, President of the High Council of Transition Mirlande Manigat, and other members of the ministerial cabinet, the Alliance of platforms and networks of women’s organizations for the promotion of women’s political participation and women’s leadership was officially launched.
Following a dialogue workshop that UN Women hosted in Haiti on September 14, 2021, the Alliance of platforms and networks of women’s organizations is established to promote women’s political participation and women’s leadership. With 11 platforms and networks that currently include 742 women’s organizations and 236,928 members, the Alliance is one of the largest groups of women’s organizations in Haiti, according to the UN.

The intervention of Prime Minister Ariel Henry during this activity was deemed necessary because the fight for women’s emancipation is currently front and center in Haiti. According to Prime Minister Ariel Henry, “This approach is all the more noteworthy as it comes, at the right time, to relaunch and reinforce others who, in recent times, have accompanied various groups of women involved in this fight.”
The head of state expresses his desire for this Alliance to materialize and unite as many groups as possible in support of the inclusion of more women in politics across the board.

“My government will take strong incentive measures to encourage women to stand as candidates on the occasion of the next elections, which will be held in the coming months, as soon as the security issues are resolved,” he claimed, assuring of government collaboration with the Alliance and other organizations working in the area of inclusive governance and the fight against violence against women.
“We’ve got your back. Because your goals are the same as ours, do you mind if I ask why? Ariel Henry believes that by working together, “we may strive towards a deep transformation in mentalities, in conduct, and in our method of handling the topic of gender in politics.

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