After qualifying from League A’s Group C, Canada will be competing in its 16th Gold Cup. The Gold Cup was won by Canada in 2000, making it the only nation except the US and Mexico to do so.
Costa Rica:

After making it through Group B of League A to the Gold Cup, Costa Rica is competing for the 16th time and 14th consecutive time. The 2002 edition marked the Ticos’ best performance, when they advanced to the final.
Honduras: The 1991 Gold Cup champions returned to the tournament for a 16th time after making it through League A’s Group C. In the most recent competition, held in 2021, Honduras advanced to the quarterfinals.

States-United: who have won the Gold Cup seven times, are back in the competition in the hopes of retaining their crown in 2021. The United States has taken part in every Gold Cup competition and took first place in the 1991 competition. Mexico: Having competed in every tournament since the Gold Cup’s inception in 1991, Mexico, the eight-time champion, is back in the competition. Mexico’s most recent Gold Cup victory took place in that year.

Costa Rica: The Central American teams were guaranteed a spot in the 13th Gold Cup by finishing at least second in Group D of League A. This will be their ninth consecutive appearance in the tournament. Six times in the Gold Cup, El Salvador’s best finish was in the quarterfinals.

Due to finishing at least second in Group A of League A, the “Reggae Boys” are back in the Gold Cup for the thirteenth time. Jamaica will compete in their fifth straight Gold Cup after making the finals of the 2015 and 2017 tournaments.
Panama: A second-time finalist, Panama will compete in the Gold Cup for the tenth time straight year and the eleventh time overall. The “Canaleros” are guaranteed, at the at least, a second-place finish in League A’s Group B. 2005 and 2013 saw Panama make it to the finals.

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