The Dominican President Luis Abinader stated, “The only way to act is to pacify Haiti. If you want to help Haiti, you have to go and pacify Haiti. It’s not with other speeches, that’s how it is,” on Saturday, March 25, 2023, during the XXVIII Ibero-American Summit, which was attended by 22 Heads of State and Government from Latin America and Europe. Abinader

Assuring that numerous Ibero-American nations may take part in this pacification if it is well-planned, it is said that “the Dominican Republic WILL NOT PARTICIPATE in an action aiming at pacifying Haiti militarily, for obvious reasons.”

But he pledged that the international community, headed by the US, Canada, and France, should take the initiative in carrying out this measure. “This situation in Haiti cannot be tolerated by the international community. The poorest Haitians are the ones that suffer. He concluded his speech by stating that “pacification is the only way to alleviate the Haitian crisis” because “the wealthy few are in Miami or the Dominican Republic and every day with these gangs there are more violations of all human rights, as well as violations of the integrity and dignity of the poorest of the population Haitian.”

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