Emmelie Prophet Milcé, the acting minister of justice and public security and minister of culture and communication, admitted as a guest on the “Yvenert Direct” program on Radio Sans Fin yesterday, Monday, March 20, 2023, that “there has lost territories,” which is evidence of the government’s admission of impotence. The author of the novel feels that the State must make every attempt to get them back, though.

On the “Yvenert Direct” program, questions were answered by a temporary justice and security minister who appeared to be uneasy. The minister attempted to repair her reputation after receiving harsh criticism for her comments against Magik9 and Mega by landing on RSF’s property, but things failed once more.

“I won’t be paying the gangs. The route to Martissant won’t be taken by me “When asked if she would be willing to travel to Martissant in order to get to the south, Emmelie Prophet responded sarcastically. “Lost territory,” in her words. There are lost territory now that need to be reclaimed at all costs, she claims.
The government and the UN have urged for the creation of an international force to assist Haitian law enforcement in their struggle against the armed gangs that rule over some areas of the nation.
Canada has been asked by the United States to lead such an intervention. Ottawa has been wary of this tactic and is in support of a solution that is created by and for Haitians.

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