Mara Isabel Salvador of Ecuador has been appointed as the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti’s Special Representative for Haiti by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres (BINUH). Helen Meagher La Lime of the United States is replaced by Ms. Salvador.

More than 25 years of expertise in managerial, advisory, political, and diplomatic responsibilities are brought to this post by Ms. Salvador. She served as Ecuador’s Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States (2010–2013), member of the Andean Parliament (2009–2010), president of the Galapagos Board of Directors (2013–2015), minister of foreign affairs, trade, and integration (2007–2008), and minister of tourism (2005–2007). Also, she has a wealth of managerial expertise from her time as a general manager and she has a wealth of managerial expertise in the commercial sector as well, having served as General Manager and Air France’s Ecuadorian legal representative (1995-2005). Since 2015, she has served as the university’s director of external relations at UDLA University of the Americas in Ecuador.

Ms. Salvador has a Master of Business Management from the European University of Madrid in Spain and the Andrés Bello University in Chile, as well as a Bachelor of French Language and Culture from the University of Geneva in Switzerland. At the University of the Americas in Ecuador, she is presently finishing her Human and Natural Rights degree. Together with her native language of Spanish, she speaks English and French with ease.

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