The Haiti National Police received four brand-new armored vehicles that are mine- and ambush-resistant on Monday, May 8 from an American Air Force aircraft. With this delivery, the number of armored vehicles that the Canadian business INKAS has already sent to the PNH has increased.

“I want to thank @usairforce for this delivery and @ARC_RCAF for their assistance with the logistics of the operation. The Royal Canadian Air Force handled the logistics because the tanks had already departed Canada, according to Sébastien Carrière, the Canadian ambassador to Haiti.

The maker of the 18 armored vehicles that the Haitian government had bought for the PNH, INKAS, had already signaled that it would further delay its deliveries for May and June. Three Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles (RMPCE) were last delivered on February 19, 2023, a Sunday. It should be highlighted that even while the supply of vehicles to the national police of Haiti has thus far been done on board military aircraft from Canada and the United States, it is still a business deal between a private company in Canada and the government. They were purchased by a Haitian for $14 million.

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