In January 2014, the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) released its most recent report, which showed that the number of police officers in Haiti was decreasing at a concerning rate.

1,663 police personnel, including 152 women, were let go from the organization in 2023. 48 cops lost their lives and 75 were injured in the same time frame. 13,196 agents, including 1,588 women, made up the national police as of December 31. On November 5, 2023, 796 cadets, including 116 women, began a four-month accelerated basic training program for the 33rd class.

Armed gang tactics and strategy have further developed. In order to thwart police operations, the gangs of Village-de-Dieu (West Department) construct concrete pillboxes, arrange elaborate traps, and employ Molotov bombs. An analogous approach was noted in

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