Although it did not actually go to Haiti, Canada finally assumed command of a mission to organize international help. To assist the Haitian National Police (PNH), Ottawa also intended to establish a branch office in the Dominican Republic this summer.
The Dominican Government confirms that it has not discussed, agreed upon, or given authorization for the establishment on our territory of an office aimed at coordinating support for the National Police of Haiti, as mentioned by the Canadian media, in response to this announcement, which was made public on Friday, June 16, 2023. This was done in response to Roberto Alvarez, the Dominican Republic’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Alvarez had previously penned the following the day before: “The international community must comprehend, once and for all, that the solutions to the crisis in Haiti must be carried out on its own land and within its boundaries. We dispute Canada’s assertions that it has opened offices in the neighboring countries to ostensibly coordinate aid. Let them relocate to Haiti.
Canada is looking for a location to set up its office of coordination of foreign help to the PNH after receiving a resounding rejection from the Dominican Republic. Minister Melanie Joly stated that Canada is collaborating with 20 nations and international organizations to establish this office in a neighboring geographic location.

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