Goalkeepers: Alexnadre PIERRE, Garissone INNOCENT, Josué DUVERGER

Defenders: Ricardo ADE (Captain), Alex CHRISTIAN, Steven SEANCE, Carlens ARCUS, Djimy Bend ALEXIS, Garven METUSALA, Dinald GUERRIER.

Midfielder: Bryan ALCEUS, Carl-Fred SAIBTE, Leverton PIERRE, Steven SABA, Danley JEAN-JACQUES, Jeppe SIMONSEN.

Attacker: Carnejy ANTOINE, Fabrice PICAULT, Gyro JEAN, Derrick ETIENNE, Mondy PRUNIER, Frantzdy PIERROT and Duckens NAZON. After the Florida internship, Coach Calderon emphasizes that the job was challenging.But he had to make a choice as soon as he could. Remember that Haiti will face Qatar on June 25, Mexico on June 29, and the Honduras team on July 2 in the competition.

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