Armed bandits attempted to infiltrate Carrefour-Feuilles communities again on Saturday, August 5, 2023. Several sources recognized armed men in the Savann Pistach neighborhood as bandits from the Gan Ravin gang during the morning.

In an attempt to resist the robbers, police officers in the area engaged in exchanges of fire. During the skirmishes, a police officer was struck by projectiles and died as a result of his injuries. Eddy Dorisca is a police officer from the 18th promotion in the police force.

Following several attempts to invade neighborhoods such as Fouchard and Savann Pistach, killing and injuring civilians despite the voluntary intervention of certain police officers, particularly during the last attempt by gangs to Gran Ravin to invade Savann Pistach, the thugs attempted to storm this district of 

Carrefour-Leaves, creating a fear situation among the residents of the aforementioned area and neighboring areas. The people, abandoned by the government in the face of gang violence, appeals for assistance in order to escape the clutches of armed gangs who are continuously looking to conquer new territory, in the face of state authorities that are increasingly helpless against the outlaws.

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