Il Presidente della Repubblica Sergio Mattarella alla State House di Nairobi, con il Presidente della Repubblica del Kenya, William Ruto,in occasione della visita di Stato nella Repubblica del Kenya (foto di Francesco Ammendola - Ufficio per la Stampa e la Comunicazione della Presidenza della Repubblica)

William Ruto, the president of Kenya, applauded the announcement in Haiti that the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) has been established. The CPT will select the country’s future prime minister and ministerial cabinet, among other duties. This choice is evidence of the Advisors’ extraordinary bravery and selfless sacrifice in creating a violent-free nation and establishing a new democratic government. Ruto said on his official ‘X’ account, “We look forward to the PTC moving quickly to appoint the Prime Minister and Cabinet.” According to President Ruto, this is a constructive move that will support Haiti’s return to peace and stability.

“I applaud CARICOM leaders for their persistent leadership of the intensive consultations that resulted in the formation of a Presidential Transitional Council that represents the various segments of Haitian society.

Kenya conveys its assurance that the incoming political leaders would establish a strong basis for resolving the Haitian situation, reinstating security, providing the Haitian people with a political transition, and bringing about enduring peace and progress. Ruto continued, “Kenya reaffirms its strong solidarity with Haiti and is prepared to contribute within the framework elaborated in UN Security Council Resolution 2699 of 2023.”

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