The charges presented in Judge Walther W. Voltaire’s ruling in the President Jovenel Moïse assassination file have been disseminated via electronic, print, and foreign media platforms. Regarding this development, Me Emmanuel Jeanty of “EXPERTUS FIRME D’AVOCATS” has voiced his reservations and worries. On behalf of his client Martine Moïse, he wrote this letter to Me Edler Guillaume, Government Commissioner at the Port-au-Prince Court of First Instance.

Mr. Commissioner,

at the time of writing this, a possible copy of a referral order emanating from the office of investigating judge Walther Wesser VOLTAIRE, in charge of the case of the assassination of President Jovenel MOISE, has gone viral on social networks, the copy of which lacks the essential elements of legality and authenticity, namely the signature of the investigating judge and the seal of his office .

As a complaining party, engaged in the legal process, they expect that the meaning of any important decision will be transmitted to them, in accordance with established procedures, through their election of domicile.

In the event that this unauthenticated copy of the order is not a counterfeit, the chronology of this copy once again raises legitimate questions in the conduct of this trial. As the content, the spirit, the letter and the appearance of such a monumental work for an entire Nation due to its importance and the secrecy with which it should be cloaked, can be put into circulation on social networks even before its official version?

Furthermore, it is common knowledge that the mandate of the investigating judge had already expired before the dissemination on online platforms of this alleged order, devoid of any authentication . This temporal inconsistency justifies reasonable doubts about the integrity of the judicial process and raises concerns about the validity of these events. It is therefore imperative that a sheaf of light be projected onto this paradoxical situation to preserve the integrity of the judicial system and guarantee respect for the fundamental rights of all parties involved in this case.

For this reason, the exhibitors ask you to believe, Mr. Commissioner, in the expression of their respectful feelings. It will be right and perfect harmony in the judicial system which can no longer support a new scandal. »

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