The members of the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) who have been designated after 17 days of talks released their first press release stating that they are “moving forward on some of these points” and making numerous promises, all without mentioning the election of the Council President, who will stop the CPT members from being installed and assuming their roles, which have been postponed due to internal disputes.

A clear political agreement between the various sectors involved in the process is part of the paper that the Presidential Council is preparing regarding its structure and methods of operation.

There is no mention of the Council’s presidential election, which many would like to take place this week, or the desire of some to have [Montana and Lavalas’ agreement] following the Council’s installation. However, since CARCIOM has placed conditions on the Council’s installation and Presidental election, all of these things are unlikely to occur.

(8 of the 9 members signed):
Leslie Voltaire, Frinel Joseph, Louis Gérald Gilles, Emmanuel Vertilaire, Fritz Alphonse Jean, Smith Augustin, Edgard Leblanc Fils, Laurent Saint-Cyr.

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