After three years, on June 3, 2020, the “Sumfest” festival’s organizers return with this environment of rhythms and colors, but with a significant change: the 5th edition won’t be held at the Wahoo Bay of the Côte des Arcadins.

The fifth iteration of this year’s Sumfest will in fact take place on July 16 in Key Biscane in Miami, Florida, organizers revealed last Friday.

This move was prompted by an uptick in violent crimes throughout the nation, particularly along National Road 1 in Canaan, where the “Taliban” gang rules supreme. To that, add the Izo branch of the “5 Segond” gang, which frequently patrols the seas.

To refresh your memory, the fourth edition of this yearly celebration was held amid gang wars, kidnappings, and insecurity. In spite of everything, the planners had managed to come up with the ideal recipe for disabling the weapons and putting the gangs to sleep. How about this year, though? The 5th edition had to be moved due to the same formula’s severe lack of effectiveness against military forces.

Take note that the 5th Sumfest was scheduled to occur on July 25, 2021, but it had to be postponed owing to the spread of covid-19.

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