On Monday, March 13, 2023, Rezonodwes.com reported: Five (5) people were detained in Poterie, a neighborhood in the commune of Liancourt, Artibonite department, by the Saint-Marc Police and the judicial prosecutor’s office for their connections to the “Gran Grif” gang.
Mario Joseph alias “Pouchon,” Jefferson Saintus, the Bervelie sisters, Ymelda Servius, and Ténor Céus were detained for their work as scouts for the Savien bandits.
The PNH communication services claim that they offered information during police operations.
On January 25, in Liancourt, Mario Joseph, also known as Pouchon, was arrested for his alleged role in the killing of six (6) police officers. Me Venson François, the director of the Saint-Marc Public Prosecutor’s Office, corroborated this information.
These people are currently being held in police custody while the required legal procedure is taken.

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