The United States Department of State has updated its travel advisories and has opted to keep Haiti on maximum alert level 4: “Do not travel to Haiti” for a third consecutive year.
Together with Iran, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, and Libya, among others, Haiti is one among the world’s top 15 places to stay away from.
With the current state of the infrastructure, health, and security, Americans should leave Haiti immediately. US citizens who want to leave Port-au-Prince should keep an eye on local news and only go when it is judged safe.
There are many kidnappings, and US citizens are frequently the victims. Kidnappers may use intricate preparation or seize unanticipated moments; convoys have even been ambushed. Kidnapping victims who are US citizens have experienced bodily damage as a result of ransom discussions, which are common in kidnapping instances. The victims’ relatives spent thousands of dollars on the rescue of their loved ones.
There is a lot of violent crime, including carjacking and armed robberies. Shortly after leaving Port-au-international Prince’s airport, travelers are occasionally pursued, brutally attacked, and robbed. Thieves and “carjackers” target lone drivers, often women, and prey on private vehicles stopped in traffic.
Roadblocks, burning tire barricades, protests, and demonstrations are frequent, unpredictable, and violent at times. The US government’s capacity to offer is incredibly constrained.

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