EDE political party is pushing the populace to act very shrewdly, according to the party’s leader. Ede is encouraging the populace to keep looking for and turning in thugs in every neighborhood. Ede will also ask the populace to turn over to the police any guns or other items they may have taken from the offenders.

Claude Joseph further stressed that sound public policy is assisting Haiti in addressing all the causes of this long-standing security challenge. “EDE is of the opinion that Haiti requires sound public policies to help children and youth see things from a different viewpoint. The political party contends that Haiti needs adequate economic and social efforts to reduce the population’s level of unemployment and poverty.

Claude Joseph demands Ariel Henry, the prime minister, step down.
Using this meeting as an opportunity, the leader of the EDE party urged the populace to support Ariel Henry’s rule over Chalbare. EDE is requesting, according to Claude Joseph, that Ariel Henry be put under proper pressure to step down from office and that, in accordance with Article 149 of the Constitution, the council of ministers select one of them to serve as prime minister for a period of 30 days.
The official said that for a little period of time, the Prime Minister’s task will be to reach an understanding with all of the nation’s active forces in order to establish a government. For its part, this organization will be tasked with reducing insecurity and amending the nation’s constitution.

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