The Carrefour-Feuilles EDH Substation was raided by heavily armed persons on the evening of Saturday, March 3, 2023, under the pretense that their neighborhoods weren’t receiving electricity, according to a notice from the Electricity of Haiti (EDH) dated March 7 that is sent to its customers.

Security officers and service personnel were threatened and forced to leave the building. These people destroyed the functioning equipment and robbed the premises.

As a result, a significant portion of Port-au-urban Prince’s region is no longer supplied and this Substation is no longer operational.

The EDH apologizes to the subscribers of Carrefour-Feuilles, Savanne Pistache, Decayette, Route des Dalles, Rue Fouchard, Fort Mercredi, Caridad, Rue Mgr Guilloux, Avenue Christophe, Chemin des Dalles, Rue Capois, HUEH, the Champs de Mars and the surrounding areas, Place Jérémie, Avenue Magloire Ambroise, Avenue N, Turgeau, Pacot, Debussy, for its inability to serve them.

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