Fanm Lakou Trankil “After 15 years, Bélo’s signature album is revived by ten Haitian vocalists.

For International Women’s Rights Day on March 7, 2023, Bélo posted on social media that his project “Fanm Lakou Trankil” would be released.

18 years after the original release of “Lakou Trankil,” a remixed version featuring female voices from the Haitian music industry was made available on streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. This gave Bélo the opportunity to win over the hearts of music enthusiasts.

“We are excited to share with you the project “Fanm Lakou Rankil.” “It featured ten Haitian vocalists who reworked songs from Bélo’s 2005 album.

Bélo stated in a statement, “We are glad to present to you the project “Fanm Lakou Rankil” on which ten Haitian singers reworked the songs from the album […] of Bélo released in 2005 under the label of Solèy Sounds.

The artist wants to highlight friendship and Haitian culture with this initiative, among other things. “This opus is a tribute to the culture, history and heritage of Haiti, but also a celebration of life, family and friendship,” reads the project’s website.

According to Bélo, the eight singers—Francheez, Sherlee Skai, Slooze, Queen Bee, Shoomy, Talie Cerin, Wiliadel Denervil, Alexa Cherrelus, Mide S. Médard, and Taliana Lindor—were “selected for their talent, their originality, and their commitment to the promotion of Haitian music and have worked closely with each other throughout their careers.”

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