After Ariel Henry steps down as prime minister, the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) for Haiti will be established. Following an agreement made at the Caribbean Community (Caricom) conference with Haitian actors and foreign partners, as well as the UN, the CPT will have nine members: seven full members who will take on a rotating chairmanship and two observers from the religious and civil society sectors. A videoconference was held on March 11 with representatives from the organizations that would comprise the Presidential Transitional Council. The road map was approved by each of these delegates.

There is a 48-hour period (ending on Wednesday) for Haitian political players to appoint a representative in this council. This next week, a new government will be installed.

List of the seven organizations, each of which will designate a delegate to the CPT:

1 – Collective of January 30: In-waiting representative:

2 – Montana Agreement: Already known representative : Fritz Alphonse Jean

3 – Agreement of December 21, 2022: Already known representative: former MP Vikerson Garnier

4 – EDE/RED and political commitment and allies: Already known representative: the former Minister for the Status of Women, Marie Ghislaine Mompremier

5 – Fanmi Lavalas: In-waiting representative:

6 – “Pitit Dessalin” Party: In-waiting representative:

7 – Private business sector: In-waiting representative:

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