The Departmental Unit for Maintaining Order and the Corps of Intervention and Maintenance of Order (UDMO/CIMO), comprised of 36 police officers, including 3 women, will hold their graduation ceremony for the 10th merging promotion on Friday, March 31, 2023, at the Morne Casse Center in Fort-Liberté (North-East Department).

The Head of the Great North, Inspector General Mose Jean, Divisional Commissioner Marc André Cadostin, Departmental Director of the North-East Police, Divisional Commissioner Frantz Mathurin, Departmental Director of the North Police, and others were among the notables who attended this graduation ceremony.

These police personnel will progressively be at the disposal of the Northeast Police after successfully completing this on-going training in order to maintain the protection of the lives and property of the populace. Nonetheless, in order to establish order and peace at all levels, the Northeast Police asks civilians to aid them in their fight against criminal activity (by reporting the presence of bandits).

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