The National Penitentiary in Port-au-Prince, which houses over 4,000 prisoners, was overrun by a huge group of men carrying heavy weapons on Saturday.

Following drones that provided them with information about where the police officers were, the robbers proceeded to set fire to the prison’s surroundings. Together with a picture of the prison, a drone-shot video went viral online. The gang members were told to proceed by a voice that reported that there were no police officers in the prison yard.

After hours of fighting, highly armed gang members managed to take control of a portion of the prison.

In response, a social media plea was made by the Haitian National Police Union (SPNH-17). In the event that we permit the bandits to flee, the Police Union is requesting that all police officers in the capital who are armed, well-prepared, and part of the VIP backup squad lend their assistance to the officers engaged in combat inside the prison. It’s over, confiscating prisons. Because there will be 3,000 more criminals in the capital and the Port-au-Prince police force would be overwhelmed, nobody will be spared.

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