Port-au-Prince, 13 April 2024. One major issue is that the existence of an impartial oversight organization tasked with overseeing the Presidential Council’s operations is not mentioned.
To guarantee the transparency and accountability of governmental institutions, a check and balance system is necessary in any democracy. Without this kind of oversight organization, the Presidential Council may make choices with excessive discretion, endangering public trust.
Paying members of the Presidential Council is another significant issue. To prevent the impression of favoritism or conflicts of interest, it is imperative to make clear the wages and benefits awarded to each member.

To ensure the effectiveness and integrity of the work that CP members and their families do, it is also imperative to outline the logistical resources that are at their disposal.
In addition, it seems that the order ignored public demands that have surfaced in the current political environment.
Its ability to operate efficiently and cogently is further called into question by the Presidential Council’s makeup, which includes nine members from various political backgrounds.
Practically speaking, the proclamation is devoid of information regarding the way the Presidential Council would be put into effect and run.
For the Presidential Council to genuinely serve the public interest and fulfill the interests of the Haitian populace, it is imperative to set clear guidelines and accountability procedures.

Ultimately, in order to address valid concerns about the authority, openness, representation, and efficacy of this organization, a thorough review of the decree that established the Presidential Council is necessary. Ensuring that the Presidential Council is a useful tool that supports the goals of the Haitian people requires the implementation of strong procedures.

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