Nicolas Rivière, the French ambassador and permanent representative to the UN Security Council (since July 8, 2019), remarked on the situation affecting Haiti on Thursday, July 6, 2023, and he urged the international community to act quickly.

Statement by the French Ambassador to the UN:

“Mr. President,

I thank the Special Representative of the Secretary General, the Chairman of the Sanctions Committee and Ms. Gilles for their presentations. I welcome the presence among us of the Prime Minister of Jamaica, the Foreign Ministers of Haiti and the Dominican Republic and the Permanent Representative of Barbados.

France’s solidarity goes to the Haitian people who are suffering on a daily basis. In Port-au-Prince, gangs are spreading terror, blocking roads and restricting access to basic services and humanitarian aid. Homicides, kidnappings, sexual violence: the list of abuses cannot leave anyone indifferent and they must be condemned with the utmost firmness.

This is why France urges the international community to mobilize urgently. It echoes the appeal launched by the Secretary General during his visit to Haiti. It supports the deployment of a force in support of the National Police of Haiti, including through a more robust commitment of the United Nations. Haitians are calling on the international community for help and collectively we must rise to the occasion.

We must act now, at the risk of noticing, for generations to come, the consequences of violence and social disintegration. Let’s face it: without security, there will be no development, no rule of law, no justice for victims. But neither will there be lasting peace in Haiti without the restoration of institutions.

France will therefore continue to encourage an inclusive political dialogue. Everyone must go beyond their personal interests and demonstrate a spirit of responsibility. We welcome efforts to broaden participation in the national consensus agreement. The objective remains the organization of democratic elections when security conditions are met. France encourages Haitian political actors to agree on the appointment of an inclusive Provisional Electoral Council in order to move towards this objective.

Two years almost to the day after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, it is imperative to strengthen the fight against impunity. Rebuilding effective justice is a priority if we want to put an end to violence in the long term. This Council, for its part, must quickly adopt new sanctions against the criminals who brutalize the Haitian population.

Finally, France will remain committed to facilitating humanitarian aid, particularly in the areas of health and food. We cannot bring ourselves to this spiral when one out of two Haitians does not have enough to eat.

The countries of the region can play a decisive role and we welcome CARICOM’s commitment to Haiti, as well as the actions of the International Organization of La Francophonie.

Mr. President,

It is high time to act and everyone must mobilize. The renewal of the mandate is an opportunity to show our determination: France supports a strengthening of BINUH [United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti], particularly in terms of security and justice.

Let’s not let Haiti descend into chaos; let’s not forget the Haitian people.

Thank you. »

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