In Bel-air, a working-class neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, there was a planned shooting that resulted in at least four fatalities and close to twenty injuries. An area resident who wished to remain anonymous claimed that the act was carried out on the evening of Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

October 19, 2023, Port-au-Prince.- Based on the witness’s account, the shooting was planned by armed individuals wearing police uniforms. They started shooting at a gathering in the “Morne-Marinette” neighborhood.

As per our source, the injured individuals were sent to the hospital immediately. Several of them have alarming vital prognoses, to put it mildly. Noteworthy, rival groups were engaged in a bloody war within the Bel-Air district, fighting each other to expand their hegemony. Recent announcements of the end of this war, which has already claimed many civilian lives, were made by Jimmy Chérisier, alias Barbecue, the leader of the G-9 family and its allies.

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