The police in Canapé-Vert started checking vehicles on Monday morning after receiving a warning from the Intelligence and Operations Center about the presence of armed men nearby. They eventually stopped a minibus coming from Pétion-ville that included 14 suspicious and armed people, who were then taken into custody. Jameson Fleurancieux, a controller, and Dessain Amoncite, a bus driver, were also taken into custody.
The police searched the car and discovered and confiscated several illegal items, including phones, ammo, assault rifle magazines, and other weapons.
The Canapé-Vert sub-police station was visited by the arrested people.
Once the situation was known, an enraged mob proceeded to the sub-police station and grabbed these people from the police, lynching them in front of the sub-police station.

In some videos making the rounds on social media, people can be seen rushing to douse the men in gasoline while yelling “Set them on fire” and “We will kill them one by one.” Police officers can be seen nervously observing the stage in front of the enraged crowd. At least 13 of the 14 people were burned and stoned.

During a news conference, Commissioner Garry Desrosiers, the National Police’s spokesperson, confirmed the details. Due to public outrage, the police were unable to bring these perpetrators to justice. They were burned after being lynched, he said, adding that he was awaiting a complete report on what had occurred.

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