The president of the Association of Petroleum Professionals (APPE), Randolph Rameau, writes to the minister of economy and finance, Michel Patrick Boisvert, to draw his attention to the ransoming activities of gangs inside the Varreux Terminal and on the country’s two main roads, north and south, and the effects these have on the country’s fuel supply chain.

APPE was informed that must pay in kind for 15 gallons of fuel per truck to enter the terminal, 200,000 

Gourdes to get the trucks out, and 800,000 Gourdes for right of way (per fleet) to the airport road. Additional payments may be paid to this, depending on the path traveled around the northern circuit. When a truck is stolen or hijacked, the carrier is responsible for returning the stolen goods. As for the capital’s southern exit, it is essentially barred at Martissant.

The country’s supply efforts would be rendered useless, according to Randolph Rameau, who emphasizes that “some of the most significant transport companies have already informed importers of their intention to terminate transport contracts.

In order to sound the alarm and compel Minister Boisvert to work with other national authorities, particularly the Superior Council of the National Police (CSPN), in order to find a solution, the APPE joins the transport companies in sounding the alarm. This was done in order to prevent a paralysis similar to that which resulted from the blocking of the Varreux Terminal.

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