A ban on leaving the country was issued as a precaution against Édouard Julcène, the current Managing Director of and seven other individuals as part of an investigation into Bell Romel (the former CEO of the General Administration of Customs – AGD) for money laundering, financing of terrorism, and illicit enrichment.

In response to this travel restriction, Édouard Julcène wrote to Monsieur Jacques Lafontant, Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince, to express his disapproval of the rule.

Me Lafontant wrote a letter. According to Jean Wilner Morin’s letter to the magistrate, “[…] considering the provisions of Article 48 of the CIC, it is prescribed that an Investigating Judge is not empowered to perform an investigative act if it is not requested by the Government Commissioner,” and that the said judge exposes himself to the sanctions provided for in article 48, “There is no doubt that your order issued against the current Director General of Customs has violated the law in a flagrant manner […]

It is important to keep in mind that the Government Commissioner, Jacques Lafontant, is no longer an accredited judge due to his placement on the list of 28 judges who are no longer allowed to practice law.

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