Armed bandits have been attempting to besiege the Solino neighborhood for a number of days. This supposedly tranquil neighborhood fights back. The locals claim that the bandits intend to seize control of this area in order to gain access to Nazon and Delmas. This location, which is crowded with police, chooses to start the combat in order to stop the bandits’ acts. In order to simplify the transportation of victims kidnapped in Nazon, Delmas, and the road to the airport, the 5 Segond gang and the armed men of Bel Air would form an alliance in order to seize Solino, denouncing members of the populace.

It is a war. A large number of people leave the area. Footage of a population running away are terrifying. Solino and Delmas 24 residents who are pregnant, children, elderly leave their houses for uncharted territory.
Several police officers who reside in Solino are persistent. They have been fending off the bandits for the past 48 hours. There is a lot of automatic weapon fire. It is the fear. One business man has already died.

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