A warrant for the arrest of the former Minister of Justice Me Berto Dorce must be issued by the judge overseeing the investigation into the case of the arms and ammunition shipment found in July 2022 at Port-de-customs. Paix’s a demand issued by the Judiciary Police.

On April 6, 2023, Port-au-Prince. The former holder of the MJSP is charged with forfeiture, influence peddling, and criminal association in connection with the arms trafficking scandal involving several high-ranking members of the judiciary in the North-West department’s capital, including the former government commissioner Michelet Virgile. According to sources within the DCPJ, the Journal le Nouvelliste reported this information.

According to the Bureau of Financial and Economic Affairs (BAFE) investigators “say they are convinced that the ex-keeper of the seals of the republic knew very well the recipient of the arms and ammunition imported illegally via the boat “Miss Lily.” In addition, they found “proof of telephone exchanges between Berto DorcĂ© and Michelet Virgile before, during, and after the arrival of the ship Miss Lily and after the suspects were released from Port-de-Paix police custody on July 6, 2O22

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